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   Konsum, 163 Urban Gallery Isar - Contemporary Art Gallery

   Group exhibition - #ONE

   February 2nd until March 1st 2024

   Schellingstraße 52, 80799 München

   Vernissage February 2nd 2024, 19 Uhr

   Finissage March 1st 2024, 19 Uhr


   Atelierhaus Gruppe Elf e.V. 

   "Summertime Art Room"

   Cooperation with Bärbel Frank

   July 20th. until August 04th. 2024

   Landsberg am Lech

   October 2024 - Info coming soon!





     Galerie Kunstbanane, Nürnberg, soloshow "Move"September 29th. until November 11th. 2023

   GOHO-Ateliertage Nürnberg, group exhibition, September 29th. until October 1st 2023


     LeonArt Galerie, Nürnberg, group exhibition - Retrospektive,  September 15th.  until October 10th. 2023 

    Galerie Franz* Kultur, Dorsten/NRW, group exhibition, Kunstroute 2023 - Virtuellvisuell e.V., September 2nd until September 17th  .2023

    NaturGarten Brüel/Mecklenburg-Vorpommern"Artistbattle", July 7th. until July 10th. 2023


     Zeche Fürst Leopold, Dorsten / NRW, solo/cooperation, ExtraSchicht 2023 - Die Nacht der Industriekultur, June until July 9th. 2023

     Ruhr Gallery Mülheim, Galerie an der Ruhr/NRW, cooperation/group exhibition, "Home Sweet Home", May 7th. until May 21th. 2023


     Altstadtfreunde Nürnberg anniversary, cooperation/group exhibition, "Swipe Dance", March 16th. until April17th 2023




     Palais Schaumburg, Nuremberg, “PAINTINGS FROM VERSAILLES”, June 15th. until October 3rd, 2022


     Nordkurve, Agency for Cultural Design, Nuremberg, "INFINITO", April 29th. until September 15th. 2022 


     Art and Life, Nuremberg,  "Purgatory of Vanity", March 15th. until August 15, 2022  




   Galerie LeonArt, Nuremberg, “Polychrome: Icons”, July 2nd. until August 1st, 2021 


    Langwasser Community Center - KUF Culture"RE: START", June 25th until July 25, 2021                                      


    District office, Nuremberg, studio exhibition as part of the “Showcase into the City” project

                                (Idea and concept), January 7th until March 8th, 2021



   Galerie Kunst Banane, Nuremberg, “WHY COMPROMISE?”, May 22nd. until July 15, 2020




Impressions Exhibitions 

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